1 thought on “Did you feel the Broome earthquake?”

  1. Well it happened about 2pm. Me my partner and two sons just walked into the family day horse races at the turf club. We were just getting to the members only area and all of a sudden the ground started shaking.. wasn’t sure if it was just because the horse races were on and the galloping on the track. I’ve never been to the horses before so I wouldn’t know. But I looked up the top part of the building was shaking quite vigorously someone was holding on a pole. So I thought it was just the air conditioning. I kinda figured if the 2 story building was going to collapse we probably should get away from it. So I told the kids let’s get out of here and walked on over at the track to find our friends.
    Little did I know it was an earthquake it was very unexpected and we didn’t know it was coming. We’ve had little trimmers all through the night and I felt the other one at 7am Monday morning I was in bed and the house shook a little bit. Very unnerving but pretty cool.

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