Should wheel clamping be banned in Perth?

Should wheel clamping be banned?


2 thoughts on “Should wheel clamping be banned in Perth?”

  1. Yes it should be banned especially vulnerable unknowing visitors on a Sunday at the mid hours of 10pm In the dark where signs are not visible.
    “Auto clamp” a company is scamming unknowing visitors and practicing unethical ways of dealing with the public. It’s an absolute outrage!
    I was stranded in the middle of the night by clamps to my car my life put at risk and felt endangered and vulnerable not being able to get home.
    Being a defenceless woman I wanted to go home to safety and could not leave to go home until I paid, it’s complete extortion where my safety had no meaning until I paid the price.
    I demand a band on this complete nonsense People’s safety and life should be put first.

    • Your life at risk? Oh please, you were sounding fair and reasonable before you said that. If being stranded in Perth puts your life at risk then you should never have gone in there. What if your car couldn’t start because it had a flat battery, would your life have been in danger then? Clamping doesn’t threaten your life, it just scams you and takes your money.

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